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Coming Back To You

So January is nearly over.... how has it been for you? Another lockdown, more separation from those you love, no travel, no weekends away, no dinner, lunch or coffee rendezvous at your favourite haunts.

On one hand life could appear miserable and for some, feel very negative, a huge sense of missing out filling their minds upon awakening each day. But it doesn't have to be this way!!

Before I continue, I do want to acknowledge for many, lockdown life misery is very real. Those in abusive relationships, or those for who mental health is a continual battle. In this blog I no way minimise the real challenges these people and others maybe facing.

The woman in this blog is one who up until a year ago thought she had a very 'normal' (whatever that means) life. Her days were filled with a multitude of demands and obligations, clambering for her attention. The relentless pace of the humdrum day as a housekeeper, nanny, employee, cook, accountant, taxi and possibly animal keeper all playing their part to leave her exhausted but some what unfulfilled as she crawled into bed each night with a sense of dread that it was all going to start over again when she awoke the next morning.

As we go through life, there are marker or alarms that are designed to call our attention to the fact we are drifting from our authentic self, our true essence, our connection to our soul. When we are born we have everything we need inside us to be able to tap into a life of joy and abundance. It was the purpose behind the the design, an inner system that connects us to the world around us in a way that creates joy, peace, love and fulfilment.

Think about children, they are free from self limitation, they are brimming with imagination, a sense of limitless possibilities when you ask them what they want to do when they are older. However, over the years, attitudes, social expectations and what we come to accept as 'life' bury all of that natural curiosity and wonder. It gets lost under layers of schooling, family and work demands, bills that need paying etc and we become disconnected from our soul, from our authentic self.

The wonderous truth however is, she never is really gone, she doesn't disappear never to return, instead she waits, sometimes quietly whispering, sometimes, screaming at the top of her lungs, but always guiding us back to her and our inner Divine, the source of our creation. Her mission is for us to remember who she is and what she has to offer the world.

For some women they reconnect with her from an early age or are blessed to never really lose her, but for many it will be years before they see her again. It can be an abrupt awakening or a slow burn, an increasing sense of something not feeling quite right, a level of unfulfillment that is never quietened regardless of the external trappings.

What if I told you, there is a way back to her and through following that pathway you can step into the life you were created to live, one of joy, love, peace and contentment. She is an unencumbered soul and thrives on simplicity which brings clarity and freedom. She possess all the wisdom, knowledge, strength, love and resourcefulness you need to create the fulfilling life you desire.

Emily Hancock writes:

"Many Women today feel a sadness we cannot name. though we accomplish much of what we set out to do, we sense that something is missing in our lives and - fruitlessly - search "out there" for the answers. What's often wrong is that we are disconnected from an authentic sense of self."

We have lost touch with our essence, we no longer know what it is that brings us pure joy, we are failing to see the moments that nourish our soul, missing out on the beauty of the everyday that feeds our well being. When we are unaware of the simple things that we genuinely love; a warm bath, a certain natural fragrance such as baked bread, clean linen or a fragrant flower, a piece of music, a view from the window, a bright sunny winters morning, we have no back up source of feel good when life presents it's challenges.

It is in those simple, small everyday moments that we find our source of inner contentment and gratitude. I liken it to the beginning of creation with the Garden of Eden where every detail was taken care of to offer the potential to live life in joy and contentment, We live in our own 'garden of life' and when you strip back all the human placed layers, we too have that kind of life on offer, one of beauty and joy, love and fulfilment. If we allow it, the beauty of the everyday can sustain us through the challenges that life may put our way and have us rejoicing in a life that feels nourished and content.

Everyday is a gift - each 24 hours is not to be wasted, every morning you are blessed to open your eyes, is a reason to be joyful. The closer you become to your authentic self the more you find to be grateful for and the more you become grateful for, the more you connect with your authentic self.

Gratitude is one of the key elements in reconnecting with your authentic self. Take 5 mins and list all the things you are grateful in your life in this moment ..... mine regularly consist of, the blessing of opening my eyes to a new day, my warm shower , that first cup of coffee and the beach view I wake up to out of my window. The day continues with my beautiful pooches, I can honestly say there is not a day goes by where I don't find a moment of joy, laughter or love with them, I will often find something that warms my heart when out on a walk, the view, a bird or flower, then as I cook I again find myself savouring the tastes or array of colours from the vegetables or ingredients. It could be the conversation with my dad, the warm hug from my husband or the telephone call with my sons, all of these bring me joy and are the blessing of the everyday in my life.

So how do you get back to you? What is it that reconnects you with your authentic self?

First of all you need to know what it is that brings you joy and in order to know this you need to go inward which makes sense as that is where you will find her. Talk to her, she will hear and respond. Ask, what makes your heart sing, what lights up your soul, what sends a warmth spreading through your body, what brings a smile to your face? As you begin to discover these answers you will begin to notice that you can seek the sources out and feel the joy repeatedly embedding the feeling as a habitual way of living. You will begin to see your authentic self on those days and see how she is calm, self assured and accomplished in handling the day. You will recognise her on the days where all seems right with the world, the days you look in the mirror and like what you see, the days your conversations make a difference, the days when you fall into bed and drift into a sleep of bliss.

So now you know what brings you joy and you know how your authentic self wants to show up in life, how do you combine that with the demands of everyday life?

Thankfully, your authentic self is not a prima donna requiring copious amounts of cajoling for her to stick around. She just needs a small amount of regular attention in the form of self care and self love, Nourish her through nourishing your mind, body and soul, she is in all those places and thrives on the connection to your inner Divine, the source of your spirituality. Meditation, gratitude, affirmations are all nourishment for your authentic self, giving her the self love she deserves will see her flourish and show up as the true you to the outside world. Connecting with your spirituality will deliver you the reassurance you are held in the highest esteem by our creator and when you trust your inner Divine you tap into all the guidance you need to navigate your way through our incredible life's journey.

Coming to your authentic self, it's not about changing you as a woman, its not about coming the "best version of you" it's about "Coming back to you".

Robert Browning sums it up for me:

"My business is not to remake myself, But make the absolute best of what God made."

Love and Blessings



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