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Creating Your Sabbath

In these unprecedented times we are being given the 'gift' of time. With lock down and the order to stay at home we find ourselves able to spend time with those we love and nourish our relationships in a way we may have not had the opportunity to do in a very long time.

Many of you know if you follow me, that for some time I have been beating the drum for a stripping back our hectic lives and reconnecting with our souls;our internal compass that directs us to a live of joy and abundance through the beauty of the everyday.

I have seen first hand the rise in the expectations and pressures placed on us as the years have passed. Particularly for women, we struggled to have it all, a family and a career and often ultimately feeling we did neither to our full potential. We left ourselves with no time to rest or re-nourish as we moved from one task to another without finishing the first and already having an eye on what else needed to be done.

God created the world in six days and took the seventh day to rest, so why don't we? What is it that drives us to constantly be on the go and never take time to feel the power of stillness. If our creator's blueprint was to have the sabbath, to have a time away from the work required for the other six days, ask yourself - do you follow divine example?

My faith led me to having my Sabbath on Sunday and until last year it also saw me attend church every Sunday , but with a house move came a change and now worship is on line and attending church is more fluid but I would say my faith has strengthen as I have made a greater connect with nature and the world around me. I still take time for worship and prayer but am aware of a more continuous conversation with God as I take time to rest from all the 'noise' of everyday life. In reality there is an increasing sense that I build in a mini Sabbath daily, I delight in the quietness that meditation brings and my morning routine involves gratitude and affirmations both powerful nourishment for your wellbeing. As I awaken more fully to the power of the unconscious mind, I rise from my slumber and see the world for the truly magnificent place it is and the life God intended for me when I was created.

Take this gift of time we have been given and use it to dive deep and rediscover your authentic self, reconnect with your soul and reignite your passion for life.

Stay safe

Love and blessings

Sherry xx

Sabbath doesn't mean you have to go to church, it doesn't mean it must be a Sunday, for me it means "You taking a day a week where all that you do is centred around restoring and nourish you mind, body and soul. It's a day where you revel in joy, abundance and gratitude, you seek out those things that light up your soul and make your heart sing.

I love this from Sarah Ban Breathnach:

" The Sabbath is for Reverence, Rest, Renewal, Rejuvenation, Reassuring Rituals, Recreation, Rejoicing, Revelation and Remembering how much you have to be thankful for"

I would add to this, Reflection, when we take time to reflect and review our lives we are able to find clarity and growth, keeping us on our divine path.

Your day should revolve around activities that make you smile, lift your spirit and feed your well being with a sense of joy and happiness. It may be going to a place of worship, a walk along the beach, in the woods or countryside, it may b e curling up and losing yourself in a book, creative writing, cooking, baking, sewing, the list is endless and is as unique as you are. Your Sabbath is tailored to YOU , it is a direct line to your authentic self and needs to be honoured and guarded for the precious jewel it is.

YoShiko Uchida said "Sunday is sort of like a piece of bright golden brocade lying in a pile of white muslin weekdays" Whether your Sabbath is a Sunday is not important, it is the practice of giving yourself the gift of one day each week that nourishes your mind body and soul to a level that sustains you through the rest of the six days.

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