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Bringing Faith Based Coaching and Energy Release Techniques Together

Feeling stuck, no sense of direction, can't quite put your finger on what's wrong?


Do you have a sense that you are missing out on the beauty of everyday life? 

When you are connect with your soul, you ignite your life's passions, you reawaken the woman within and open the way to living a life of soul centred joy and fulfilment, making everyday count.

One thing you know is that the sun will set on each and every day and that you have no control over it..... BUT you do have control over how you spend your time on each of those days.

Are you going to stay living a life of existing rather than truly living and thriving?

What would it feel like to end everyday beautifully, so you feel so much hope and thankfulness for what the next day will bring?



Beauty is there all around us and gives us infinite opportunities to be grateful. When you connect with your soul, you reignite your passion for life, you wake up with an attitude of gratitude and make the most of everyday.

Instead, do you find yourself waking up with a sense of dread, or numbness, an apathy that is draining the life out of you, leaving you deflated and unfulfilled.

Come home to your authentic self and your joy will follow.


Wayne Dyer says: "Take a few minutes of every day to fantasize about how you would wander, travel, or explore if you could".


When you do this, you are taking time to talk to your sub-conscious mind. It is here that your thoughts drive the action you take and the action you take, creates your reality.


So take time to dream, reconnect with your soul, it is your connection to your higher power, your inner compass, your internal guidance system in life. . Your dreams become your goals, goals become your future.


For years I felt like something was just not quite right, I couldn't put my finger on it. Life was good but there was a nagging in my head, something in my life was not quite aligned. 

As I searched for the answers, I realised I had become disconnected with my soul, my inner essence. Life had taken me in all sorts of directions and I had ended up losing the 'real me'.

Reclaiming control for my life allowed me to reconnect to my truth and regain clarity, which opened up the way to reignite with my passion for living a life full of inner joy, peace love and fulfilment.

Joy in the everyday returned instead of apathy, I saw and felt beauty in the smallest detail instead of numbness.

My relationships became stronger and more interactive, I was living again rather than existing. 

We were all born with the purpose, a reason for being here and our authentic self is where we find it. When you are connected with it , your heart sings, you are unstoppable on your journey...

You have one life... live your best life now! 

Follow your own path back to you , find what it is that sets your soul on fire, find what make your heart sing, find what spreads a feeling of love throughout your body, only then will you be living your best life now.

Napoleon Hill says: "The vast majority of people are born, grow up, struggle, and go through life in misery and failure,  not realizing that it would be just as easy to switch over and get exactly what they want out of life, not recognizing that the mind attracts the thing it dwells upon".


Does this ring any bells with you? Do you recognise this person? 

Change your mindset, change your life , we have one life, do what it takes to make sure you are living your best life now.

When you reawaken the women inside you take back your control, you allow yourself to listen to your inner essence , the fabric of your being and you  become who you are meant to be, setting you free to live a life of abundance and contentment. 

If you feel like you are running on empty, feeling unfulfilled and without sense of direction, please know it doesn't have to be that way. 

Do you want to live a life of joy, in complete flow connected with your inner divine, faith and spirituality. How would it feel to live with a sense of freedom and authenticity, where you have inner peace  love joy and contentment.

Your Thoughts determine your Actions, your actions create your Reality. 

Take your first step... come on a journey back to the woman you were born to be. She is inside you waiting for you to find her again, to waken her from her slumber so she can lead you to the life you were born to live, one of  true Soul Centred JOY. 

Love and blessings 


"Reignite Your Childhood Dreams & Passion For Life!"

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Sherry Cannon-Jones